Consumption of marine mammals by broadnose sevengill shark Notorynchus cepedianus in the northern and central Patagonian shelf

A. C. Crespi-Abril , N. A. García, E. A. Crespo, M. A. Coscarella


The study of food habits of the broadnose sevengill shark (Notorynchus cepedianus) based on the observation of the stomach contents of 22 individuals, revealed the importance of marine mammals as part of the shark's diet. The analysis showed that marine mammals represent at least 30% of the total consumed biomass by broadnose sevengill sharks. The frequency of occurrence was estimated to be 35%. The three pinnipeds with local distribution and at least two species of cetaceans were consumed. Although consumption of marine mammal was high, there was no evidence of direct attack on living preys by N. cepedianus, in Argentine waters.

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