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Getting Rid of the Back-Pain, the Ayurvedic Way

by ALI ALI (2019-07-23)

                                                               Getting Rid of the Back-Pain, the Ayurvedic Way 

It affects you when you least expect it. A regular and harmless activity of just bending down and picking up a pen might bring you to the ugly realization of a backache. What is even more surprising is the fact that backache affects the healthiest of human beings and that too at any time of their life. Since the beginning of man taking this life form, backaches have been a silent predator for all of us. What is even more surprising is that it still remains one of the most under-stated health problems to affect man.

Some of the major causes of back pains listed so far are:-

• Muscular tension, joint strain, poor posture, incorrect nutrition and lack of exercise are common causes of backache.

• Lack of exercise may cause back problems.

• Improper posture while lifting heavy objects and continuous sitting posture can also aggravate a back problem.

• Inactive living habits and hazardous work patterns

• Emotional stress, which brings about spasm of the muscles, may also cause backache

• Obesity could lead to strain on the back and result in back pain.

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Backache causes unimaginable discomfort to the individual, especially for those confined to desk jobs. Joint N-11 Many pain-relieving medicines, ointments and sprays are available in the market, which promise an instant relief from the pain, but if along with the medications, proper precautions are not taken then the effect of medicines too would prove to be insufficient. What is even more important is to back the medications with a healthy diet and regular exercise. Cutting on your smoking habits always helps along with a habit of sitting, standing, walking and sleeping in the right posture.

One more important thing to note here is the effectiveness of Ayurveda in treating such back pains. Through its highly potent natural herbs and vitamin supplements, Ayurveda has helped countless generations to get relief from back pain. One superb health supplements provided by Ayurveda is CoreCare which brings the backache imbalance back to the state of equilibrium naturally. The all natural herbal supplement consists of a blend of heat-generating herbs which allow the strained back muscles to naturally loosen and remove any stiffness in the back. CoreCare is highly effective in relieving backaches, sore muscles and stiffness along with restoring the mind - body constitution into a state of equilibrium, which is essential for alleviating back pain.