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Natural Food Supplements

by ali ali (2019-09-01)

                                                   Natural Food Supplements - Their Real Benefits Are Just Being Realized

Natural food supplements are now as common as aspirin. Walk into a health food store and you will find shelves upon shelves lined with every imaginable type of supplement. Drug stores and grocery stores have jumped on the bandwagon and are stocking them on their shelves as well. In general, natural food supplements are products that come from whole foods that provide a multitude of health benefits. In some cases companies "borrow" claims on the effectiveness of a products health benefits based on their use in traditional healing. A select few companies spend millions yearly doing modern research and development. One company in particular, the Shaklee Corporation, set the standard for supplement and vitamin research starting back in the mid-fifties.

Depending on the quality of the natural food supplement they can be high in certain nutrients, contain active ingredients that aid digestive or metabolic processes, or provide a combination of nutrients and active ingredients. A word of warning here. Natural Super Reds site The nutritional supplement industry has no oversight and as such unscrupulous manufacturers make false promises. It is your responsibility to be an informed consumer. Some conservative watchdog organizations target the questionable manufacturers' claims and therefore label the entire industry as unreliable. Interestingly enough a complete turn around of opinion occurs when a product turns out to work and is medically endorsed. Then the natural food supplement product is deemed acceptable by the very groups that had previously condemned it. Recent discoveries include the positive effects of garlic, Aloe Vera, fiber, fish oils, and bran. These products have been used for centuries in other countries.