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The main problem of the Atlantic ecology

by Emmi Turner (2017-08-10)

The main problem of the Atlantic ecology (and first of all, its northern water area) is an increase in anthropogenic impact, which can have irreversible negative consequences. In general, anthropogenic impact can be reduced to the following: 1) fishfish (especially recent decades); 2) noise pollution (geophysical exploration, drilling operations, noise of screws of courts); 3) oil pollution; 4) pollution by pesticides; 5) domestic pollution (garbage, sewage; 6) radioactive background of ships; 7) acid rain.

Daily in the ocean gets a lot of substances in the solid, liquid and gaseous state. Residues can be classified according to the 2nd feature: a, by the nature of the hit; B) by types of waste (pollutants). The first sign is: regular and accidental discharges; By the second: their chemical composition of the parliament and physical condition. Each year, the Atlantic Ocean and its sea reaches $ 1.5 million tons of oil and petroleum products, a huge amount of various acids and salts, millions of solids (packaging, paper, glass, plastics, polyethylene, etc.). At the bottom, radioactive waste is buried in special containers. Significantly and the warming of the Atlantic (especially its northern part) due to the dumping hot and warm water industrial waste and CHP. On the other hand, there is indirect pollution of the ocean, which arises for the construction of dams, reservoirs. This changes the volume of runoff of the rivers, changes the solid river flow, changes in the chemical and mechanical composition of the suspensions, which are in the water of the ocean.

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Re: The main problem of the Atlantic ecology

by vilma domingues (2020-02-12)

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