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by Lisa Amanda (2017-11-26)

This Assassin’s Creed Leather Jacket was inspired by the popular video game. It comes in a deep, rich brown, with a wide double-pointed collar that extends to the shoulders. The collar has a stitched criss-cross pattern that adds texture and style, especially when paired with the buttoned straps on the shoulders. The hood protects you from incumbent weather.

The brown leather coat closes in the front with three buttons with itshem flairs outward to provide a loose fit that flatters your shape. Two front pockets provide plenty of room for your smartphone, keys and wallet. They have a flap closure that keeps everything secure.

Textured backing runs along the center back of the Jacob Frey coat. This backing is flanked by two plain brown panels. The skirt also has the same features, except it opens in the center. A utility belt runs across the skirt, with a leather strap that dangles below the utility pouch.

Stud accents run along the back of the thick sleeve cuffs, in a square pattern that attaches the right side of the shoulder flap to the top and on the belt loops. All of these features produce a style that fans will love.