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Can Bathmate pumps cure erectile dysfunction?

by John Bathmate (2019-09-16)

Impotence is a condition when a man's genitals are unable to erect or have difficulty holding on to an erect position. In general, impotence is also called erectile dysfunction. Not infrequently when there are uncommon symptoms that are felt to interfere with sexual activity it is considered a symptom of impotence.

Keep in mind, impotence also has temporary erectile dysfunction, because it is related to psychological factors. For example, a husband is suddenly impotent with his partner because it turns out he harbored feelings of pain towards his partner. But when it comes to 'fighting' with other women, its vital organs return to normal function.

Should all erectile dysfunction be treated with prescription drugs? It turned out that not all cases of sluggish manhood had to be treated with drugs.

In the case of erectile dysfunction related to psychological factors, even if given the drug but if the root of the problem is not found then the results will be in vain. When the root of the problem of erectile dysfunction caused by psychic problems is known, the penis will function normally again.

The following are four male habits that can cause impotence, including:

According to the American Journal of Epidemiology, smoking habits increase the risk of erectile dysfunction up to 2.74 times that of nonsmokers.

According to the Journal of Urology, men who are overweight (obese) have the opportunity to experience erectile dysfunction in a period of 14 years.

According to the American Journal of Medicine, approximately 18% of American men over the age of 20 experience erectile dysfunction. In addition, around 51.3% of people with diabetes mellitus in America experience impotence.

Erectile dysfunction is twice as common in people who experience depression. In contrast to the group of patients who experienced erectile dysfunction around 82% experienced depression.

To treat erectile dysfunction you can try the newest pump from Hydromax Bathmate which can cure the penis from erectile dysfunction. Its use is quite easy, it is only used 15 minutes per day regularly for 2-3 months to get maximum results. In addition to curing erectile dysfunction, the bathmate pump can also make the penis 2-3 inches longer and increase the diameter of the penis thickness by 35%. This pump is very safe because during the pumping process it uses water and air media so as to minimize the occurrence of friction on the skin of the penis or genital area which can make the skin of the penis irritate.

The material used to make the Hydromax Pump is free of phthalate so you don't have to worry about side effects. Most men who have tried the bathmate hydromax pump have recovered from erectile dysfunction problems and get more results by getting a longer penis size and increased sexual stamina when having sex.

If you are still hesitant to try a hydromax pump, first learn biology on a penis please visit official hydromax bathmate pump, why a hydromax pump can work well and cure erectile dysfunction.

Know the part of the penis Corpora Cavernossa (erecticle tissue) Carpus Spongiosum (urinal & ejakulation chamber)

Your penis is divided into three parts, two large ones above, that's your erectile tissue (Corpora Cavernosa) and one small space at the bottom is tissue for urination and ejaculation (Carpus spongiosum).

This part will fill with blood and the penis will begin to erect (These chambers can be developed larger and stronger by using Hydromax)

When you are aroused, your brain will release a hormone that sends blood to the penis and fills your erectile tissue. The blood reservoir in the Corpora Cavenosa is filled to the maximum, making you experience an erection. By using Bathmate, this section will develop and become stronger.

Hydromax pumps train the penis by developing these parts

By using it for a few weeks, you will see a difference. First the thickness of the penis will increase followed by its length. Hydromax enlarges the penis as a whole, whether erect or not.