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Use Your Degree to Become an Entreprenuer

by Deborah DAS Senley (2019-05-09)

Even if you graduated from college with a degree, don’t get trapped into thinking you have to use it to work for someone else. Some people won’t ever be happy having a boss and have a unique ability and desire to take risks, create new ideas, and build businesses. Some students start with writing essays for money online in the college. If you graduated with an early childhood education degree, instead of working as a teacher you may want to open a preschool or if you graduated in criminal justice, why not begin a private detective agency.  With limited job opportunities and high unemployment some people are opting to plot their own destiny by starting their own business.  So why not you?

Finding the entrepreneur in you means hard work and smart choices but most importantly not giving up.  Many successful entrepreneurs will tell you they failed and failed again before hitting it big.  You have to commit and be prepared for the long haul.  Even the most savvy, intelligent business owners agree that you must stay in the game even after a whole series of failed ventures.  It may be the school of hard knocks that molds you and gives you the experience you’ll need to find the correct set of rules and principles for creating a successful business.

Any amount of knowledge accrued in college will benefit greatly when applied in the real world, whether from our specific course material to our work habits gained from earning our diploma, but now some colleges are offering courses just for budding entrepreneurs.  Courses like these have become increasingly popular, helping graduates develop their business plans and teach them the basic know-how and skills to get started.  One of my friends who completed three years at one of the top online colleges, working towards a degree in business dropped out one year shy to start a business.  She now has a highly sought after skill and lives a comfortable lifestyle.  And let’s not forget Facebook’s creator, Mark Zuckerberg and self-made billionaire who began the social network while in college studying, computer science.

It’s never too early or late to change your course and live big dreams by beginning your own business.