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Power of Clarity

by Ssregina Regina (2019-03-27)

Today everybody knows that Power of Clarity Review other people and events create our feelings. Go to a restaurant, order a cup of coffee and then listen to the conversations going on around you.My boss makes me so angry, he's such a jerk. I'm so happy, I start two weeks of vacation tomorrow. My husband makes me feel so warm and cared for when he opens the car door for me. My husband drives me crazy when he sits around watching football all day. This is an important flat world everybody knows exercise that we should do often to remind ourselves that simply because everybody knows something does not make it true.An important step toward authentic spiritual growth is the awareness that no one can make us feel anything that is not already inside of us. A simple example will illustrate this fundamental truth.Most people have a fear of snakes or spiders. So if someone held a slimy snake or hairy spider in our face we would probably be frightened. We would say that they frightened or scared us. If they held a small baby bunny rabbit in our face most of us would probably want to hold it and pet it.This illustration simply points out the truth that most of us do not have a fear of baby bunny rabbits inside of us. Therefore, no matter how often someone holds up a bunny rabbit we will never feel fear. If they hold up a snake or a spider they can remind us of the fear that is already inside of us. But that's all they can do; simply remind us. They cannot create or make the feeling of fear because it is already inside of us.The only appropriate, reality based, response to any of our feelings or emotions we become aware of is to simply ask ourselves the question, This is MY feeling, so I wonder where the feeling energy is coming from inside me? or What old memory based feeling energy is the other person stimulating in me?