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by gold stone (2019-03-29)

As we age those of iGenics Review us who have experienced perfect vision in our younger days can often notice that we have a vision problem and that our eyesight is beginning to deteriorate. More often than not our first reaction is to panic and to make an appointment to see an optician.However pioneering ophthalmologists such as William Horatio Bates, after carrying out a large amount of research, stated that glasses can in fact make our vision worse. His works was revolutionary and lead many people to throw away their glasses and correct their vision by using a natural method.William Bates created the Bates Exercise Method, and thousands upon thousands of people who have used this method have stated that it has actually allowed them to improve their vision in a natural and safe manner. The Bates Exercise method works by relaxing the eye muscles; Bates stated that the majority of eye problems are actually caused by muscle strain. He believed that carrying out exercises which relax the muscles will in turn lead to vision correction.Those who have followed this exercise method have found that common conditions such as myopia and presbyopia can be easily remedied. Those who have suffered from conditions such as macular degeneration and glaucoma have also stated that using these exercises, together with a change in diet have improved their condition beyond belief.Of course if you do choose to follow an eye exercise method to improve your eyesight it is fundamental that you are dedicated to carry out the exercises. Carrying out exercises such as the Bates method a couple of times a month is unlikely to lead to an improvement in vision. These are exercises which need to be carried out daily at the beginning.So for those of you who have not worn glasses to date and have noticed that your vision has begun to deteriorate it is probably a pleasant surprise to find out that there are solutions to a vision problem, other than wearing glasses.Orthodox ophthalmology has lead all of those who have vision problems to believe that the only way to obtain vision correction is by wearing glasses or contact lenses. However this is simply not the case. Research has shown that glasses can in fact worsen your eyesight rather than improve it!