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The Benefits of Keeping A Healthy Diet

by Bella Edward (2019-03-29)

Eating healthy on a Native Nutrients  budget begins with tools for a healthy lifestyle. It's time to rethink how you look at your weekly grocery budget and what you do with it. We'll start with the basics, check your refrigerator and discard anything that has expired. Do the same in your pantry- take inventory and write a list of what you do have. Inventory your freezer for meat and fish and add it to your inventory list. Now that you know what you have, it's time to make a grocery list. Take time to plan your meals for the week, write a menu.

Statistics show that people who plan, eat better, manage their weight better and are healthier overall because of a conscious effort to plan to eat and what to eat. Makes sense doesn't it? I'm sure you're saying I really don't want to write a menu, but trust me- it will make a difference!In your pantry, keep these items on hand: flour, peanut butter, canned or dried beans, brown and white rice, pasta. canned tuna and salmon. Low sodium canned tomato's, sauces, vegetables and fruit. Buy nuts in bulk, especially if they are on sale at Trader Joe's or Whole Foods. If you are buying canned fruit, use low sugar or natural juices variety.

Invest in flavor, use the summers best fresh herbs; basil, oregano, cilantro to name a few. Don't forget the dried herbs, soy sauce, vinegar, and bouillon cubes. Buy what's in season. Utilizing fruits and vegetables in season is less expensive than buying those items out of season. Buy in bulk and freeze fresh berries, strawberries and blueberries are in season now. Snack on fresh fruit and vegetables, or invest in a food dehydrator and make your own dried fruits and make trail mix for snacks.

Freeze really ripe banana's in their skin's in the freezer until solid, bag and use them for banana bread. I generally take out three banana's for 1 cup of ripe mashed banana for my favorite banana bread recipe. The skins will be black, but what's inside is sweet and really ripe, perfect for banana bread or muffins.