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Fear Of Criticism, Is It Stronger Than Your Desire For Success?

by Bella Edward (2019-03-30)

If you have decided  No BS Manifesting Course  that internet marketing is your thing and you are determined to make money online to achieve financial freedom, there are certain things you need to do and habits you need to cultivate to become a successful internet marketeer.If you fail to plan, then you are planning to fail. Plan out what your website is going to be all about. Decide on the niche that you want to get into. Do your research especially your keywords.Have a rough sketch of how your website is going to look like. Then take action. Do what you have planned. Improve on your ideas if you have to.

You cannot afford to get distracted. While you are online doing your research you might see your friends are online too and you immediately start chatting with them or you log on to one of the social sites and start playing games or commenting on your friends' posts.That is unacceptable. To be successful you must have laser like focus. Do not get yourself distracted. Without meaning to, sometimes friends can be a distraction. But keep your focus. If you feel you need to connect with your friends, set a time limit.

The truth is, you can never manage time. Time will move on no matter what. But what you can do is to manage the activities you need to do with the time that you have. For example, if today you need to do keyword research to find a suitable domain name, then, do it. Any other stuff can be done later when you have the extra time. If you decide to build your website or getting content for your site then concentrate on that. Leave the other stuff like reading your emails (unless it is related to what you are doing) or chatting with friends to another time.

This is an extension of being focused and managing your activities, especially when you are just starting out. Treat your online business as a full time job. If you decide to work 2 to 3 hours per day working on your online business, make sure you spend those hours working. The luxury of working lesser and flexible hours will come when you start earning a substantial online income and can afford to outsource or put your business on auto pilot.