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Healthy Blood Pressure Protocol

by Ssregina Regina (2019-04-01)

What is Laughter Yoga, And What's Healthy Blood Pressure Protocol ReviewIn It for Me? Imagine a baby-easy exercise to feel good for no reason at all, and to improve your immune system. Science believes stress is the major cause of most diseases, and laughter stomps out stress. Key Element: your body cannot differentiate between make-believe, pretend, and FAKE laughter, and the genuine article. So what? You get the same physical and psychological benefits from phony laughing, as from watching a Broadway Comedy where the audience is falling in the aisle hysterically. But So What It means you can choose to feel good any time you desire. If you fake laughing for even thirty (30) seconds, your body takes your behavior and turns it into genuine, authentic, real laughter. Remember when you were a kid and looked into the eyes of your best friend, made a funny face and fell-down in a fit of giggles? Sometimes it kept up for what seemed like an hour. What happened after that? You felt s-o-o great you wanted to do it all over again, right? What really happened was a flood of brain cells called Endorphins (neuropeptides), entered your mind-body connection. It contains a blueprint to give great pleasure to your body, and you feel happy and delighted for up to 120-minutes AFTER a bout of laughter. Oxygen Did you know that laughter increases your net supply of Oxygen? Each time you laugh you improve your energy level, and suck up more oxygen. Our brain uses 25% of the entire oxygen supply for our body. Laugh and you are invigorating your body and enhance your Attention Span. If your career requires persuading others, sales meetings, and making presentations, you want your brain acuity - to be sharp, focused and concentrated. Scientific research indicates concentrations levels flop after the first twenty-minutes of a meeting. Laughter raises your state-of-mind for concentration up to 60-minutes. Then what? Laugh again.