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Power Efficiency Guide

by ss Daniel Kamesh kamesh (2019-04-01)

This summer it's Power Efficiency Guide Review been easy for me to work on my personal projects while I'm taking online classes and preparing for the new school year. The shifts between school work and personal projects have been relatively easy. The school work is light and my responsibilities are at a minimum. The stress is not like it is during the normal school year. While the stress may not be pressing right now, I have recognized that when I allow myself to become overly stressed or anxious while completing school work, I have a harder time transitioning into my creative projects. Shifting from work mode to creative mode takes forethought to make the most of the time that has been laid aside. Working from a distressed point of view restricts any creative advantage and limits flow.Two Kinds of StressIt's important to note the two kinds of stress that are experienced: distress and eustress. You may be aware of distress. It's the kind of stress that leaves you paralyzed and unable to be productive or efficient in any manner. Eustress is the good stress that supports you in accomplishing your goals, motivates you to take action and challenges you in order to grow. When you are in a state of distress you may have rapid breathing, higher blood pressure and muscle tension. Your behavior may be affected as well. You may lose your appetite or overeat. Some people turn to smoking, drinking or any other negative coping mechanism.The transition from one mode of work to another is effected by the type of stress you experience on any given day. You may not always be distressed when you finish your work, nor will you always be motivated by eustress. Sometimes you might be completely checked out, relaxed and thinking about other things altogether.Eustress makes transitions easier.