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Ring Ease

by ss Daniel Kamesh kamesh (2019-04-01)

"Here's the plan fellahs.Ring Ease Review When the bony truck passes us goin' up the hill ta the bony dump ta dump its load, we'll string the toilet paper across the road. When he comes back down the hill, he'll be goin' like a bat chasin' a bug. There ain't no way he's gonna be able to stop in time," Wizzer told us. Wizzer warned us all to hide up in the woods a good piece so the driver of the truck couldn't see us. We all did and it wasn't long before the bony truck came lugging its load up the hill to the dump. As soon as it passed us and we figured that it was safe to do it, we strung the toilet paper across the road, ran back into the woods and waited. The bony truck came flying back down the road to town. He had dumped his load and was making tracks back to the mines for another load. It paid for him to make tracks because he was paid for the number of loads he hauled. Screeeeaaach! The truck driver slammed on his brakes. We knew that he had seen the paper and didn't know what it was. He couldn't stop. When he did get stopped, he came running back, and when he saw what it was, toilet paper, I learned some new cuss words."I know youns hooligans are in them woods. Come out now n' youns won't be in any trouble. Otherwise, youns are all gonna end up in jail," he hollered. Who did he think he was kidding? There wasn't one of us that had sucked on a titty bottle for quite some time. He wasn't doing nothin' now but losin' money by standin' jawin' at us and he knew it. Still cussing, he crawled back into his truck and rattled off down the road to town with engine roaring. It was safe for us to laugh now and we put shame on the hyenas.