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Step Five to Weight Loss - Explore the Benefits

by Bella Edward (2019-04-01)

Go For Great Guns.  LumaSlim Work out those biceps, its amazing what a whole body workout can do for your abs. Stand straight and curl 8 pound dumbbells. Switch to triceps extensions using 5-6 pound weight. Then, bend forward as if bowing, extend your arms straight behind you and bend back into an upright position.

Alternate between biceps an triceps for 3 sets of 20 reps.Red Carpet Cardio. Grab a cardio machine like a treadmill or rowing machine, stair stepper and so on. Walk or run for 2 minutes at a slight incline at around 3-5 mph. Slowly up the speed and work rate so do, say, 3 minutes at an 8-10% incline. Repeat this process six times for a great cardio workout.

Using a holistic approach to the problem of tummy fat will bring the best results in the quickest time frame. Don't just rely on one set of exercises, remember to vary your workouts for maximum effect and to stave off the inevitable boredom. Remember that a quick 15-20 minute fat burning workout is more effective than much longer periods of aerobic exercises such as using the treadmill or rowing machine for this kind of weight loss. Above all, mix it up and keep it fun and pretty soon you will see that tummy fat just disappear.

Many theories abound regarding body fat analysis, but there is only one method that is tried and true that will give an accurate reading of 100%. Unfortunately, this occurs when a person dies -- that is to say Post mortem, done by a medical examiner. This of course doesn't help the person who is trying to lose weight, so getting one done on a living breathing individual is going to be inaccurate to some degree.

There are many studies now being done that try to indicate the amount of body fat on an individual as related to their body type. It is becoming clearer that it's not just weight loss, but specifically fat loss that can be used to project life expectancy and prolong the quality of one's days on earth.