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by princy william (2019-04-02)

It is not easy to fulfill Individualogist Review your soul's contract, but it is easier than ever due to the help that is available right now in the form of channeled messages such as Matthew's, as well as real-life examples and clear step-by-step guidance provided by those, like the author, who have experienced the process. Fulfilling your soul's contract at this important time in humanity's evolution is what awakening is about, and also what will create a new world.That prayer is perfect in which he who is praying remembers not that he is praying. Prayer is the means, or more appreciably the process of communicating with the higher self. The only thing that men believe in, without seeing through his eyes is the invisible power, the creator of all, God!It is untrue, that there has to be any particular place or pattern to pray, it can be in any form, certain thoughts are prayers. There is no any special language to pray, no prerequisite is required to talk to God, as He is watching us everywhere. He understand even our silence, our wish to pray is also a prayer, but wishing can never be a substitute for prayer, what is more important is, we need to believe in our prayers.Prayers can stimulate our lives in many ways. It is been noted that, much more has been achieved by prayers, than the world can dream of. However, for that we need to worship sincerely keeping faith in His will, without any negative motives. A prayer is answered every time, often it may not change the situations but will surely make us more acceptable for the changes, but sometimes we are unable to listen what God wants us to inform, as we are in process of resisting truth.People pray many times in a day, sometimes even without the knowledge that, what they are thinking is what they are praying. It is true, that without asking one gets nothing, but begging for things to be in the way we want, is not worthy. A prayer has to be as natural as we breathe. It gives us few moments a day to talk to God and in that process even listen to voice of our soul.