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The Psychology of Achievement

by Ssregina Regina (2019-04-03)

Have you ever tried to bake a cake The Psychology of Achievement Review without one of the ingredients and it didn't turn out exactly how you thought it should? Well, the answer is simple you left out an ingredient that was key, otherwise you get something that tasted less desirable. Even if you didn't know how to cook if you simply followed the recipe exactly don't you think you would get the desired results?There are many missing ingredients that people fail to teach when it comes to manifesting. You can't just think about something or visualize it and expect it to appear. If it were that easy then everyone would have what they wanted all the time.Vision boards and writing intentions down help but the magic really occurs when you have all the ingredients to manifest your desires. Are you still starring at the picture of something on your vision board and it's not there yet? Do you find yourself getting impatient? Have you lost all hope that it will ever come and that all of this Law of Attraction stuff just doesn't work for you?First off, it's not your are simply just missing some of the most important ingredients for quantum success.Write down what you want- in detail (this sounds simple but it's one of the keys to manifesting EXACTLY what you want.)After my book, Your Dream: God's Plan , was published, I was surprised and amazed by one question readers kept asking. It usually went something like this:"Matt, I really enjoyed your book, (a compliment I can never hear enough!), but I'm not sure I have any talents. How can I find out what mine are?"At first, that question absolutely floored me. I had just spent the last several months of my life indulging my talents and exercising my dreams that it hadn't occurred to me that people wouldn't be aware of theirs, but since so many people were asking the same question, I determined to give it some deeper thought. The simple answers hit me like a truck: people who don't know their talents don't know them because: