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Gogi Berries - The Magical Fruit of the Himalayas

by Bella Edward (2019-04-03)

We have accepted that we Idol Lash can't have any. It isn't anybody's fault really (this really means it's my fault. It's impossible for me, for my genes). We have a dog called Misty Upham after this beautiful Native American girl who played the role of a beautiful Native American nurse and cook in the film August: Osage County. You (my husband) have a dog. I have a cat. Kitty. Cat for short. In real life my cat is dead. Tender is the day, the salt on the breeze catching my hair, the nape of my neck, and the backs of our legs. You're laughing and complaining at the same time, that I decided we come out today of all days. 

We've both rolled up our pants. We're eating vanilla ice cream with a chocolate flake inside of it. You've picked me up. I'm screaming. Screaming with joy and terror. It's cold. The sea has always freaked me out. I can swim. I just prefer to swim in a heated pool, preferably indoor. I hate the smell of chlorine, the sight of skinny people, so wrapped up in the joy of their thinness and revealing it to the world at large. There's something beloved about my local swimming pool. I've been swimming there since I've been a child with my mother and father, my two younger siblings.

Beetroot. Coleslaw. Fried chicken. All of this in front of you a feast. A huge serving. Not like those portions you're used to getting at the clinic. The portion that could fit into your hand. Now eat. Eat as much as you like or eat as little but you have to eat some. Put it on the end of your fork and now eat this stuff. Some of it is healthy and some of it is unhealthy. Just for you I added extra Tabasco and mayonnaise. Beetroot, coleslaw, chicken is the colour of the day. It will brighten you up. You look so pale because you haven't been eating right. The doctors spoke about this. Your therapist. 

You can't push people who care about you, who are concerned about you and your episodes of mild clinical depression away from you. Just think that not so long ago this was your favourite meal at the hospital. You couldn't eat anything at that posh clinic. Just think what will happen if you don't eat. You'll simply fade away, waste away to absolutely nothing but skin and bone like those kids in Ethiopia, Somalia, wherever-in-Africa. Ethiopia's in Africa right? See I made you smile. History was never my strongest subject in school or is that Geography. See how I made you laugh. Look at me. A regular stand-up comedian. You're a moron if you don't eat this.