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There is no doubt that inferiority goes forward to failure. So, what is inferiority after all?

by Bella Edward (2019-04-04)

As your love for listening grows, The Dream Machine you will draw increasingly more people to you. Understand that I am not advocating becoming the go-to person for anyone with a victim's attitude. I am speaking about powerful listening here.Prize your integrity. Your clients, for instance, will notice and respond positively to your integrity. Integrity could be exemplified as: your dedication to your work, your mastery of the material, your attention to detail, and your ability to genuinely hear their concerns.

Have confidence in yourself. You can be a topnotch salesperson, job interviewee, dater, socializer, or whatever it is that your heart currently desires!The world as a school, the world as a market, all that it teaches and all that we learn. Life began when we opened our eyes. In the hands of our mothers we were fed. In our minds, there were no words nor pictures to see what is ahead of us. Our only activity were to eat and play. But in our adolescent age, we started asking the question what, how, why, and where. As we continued with the journey, the doors to the end of the world keeps opening as we keep finding answers to our questions. Knowledge taking the role of our ignorance as we push to succeed.

Life is a mystery. Each day opens up a secret about life. God leads us to the path where we will see the mirror of life, through the mirror, we will see the reflection of life to know what life really is and how it looks. The philosophies of men are the revelations of life for success. Reading the works of great philosophers enlightens our mind. It puts us in the context of achievement. Reading the works of successful men brings the feeling of success to us and puts our mind into action, and our imagination into the visual effect to see the future of our success. This is called VISION.

The next step is to move ahead to the target. Some philosophers fail at this point, because of their failure to realise that the game has changed from seeing ahead to moving ahead. The picture is first set in our minds as a thought, then the plans are worked out to advance to the target. Everything started as a thought calculated into ideas. The realisation of this change is in our creativity. As it is in the ascending order of greatness: Idealism - Realism - Creativism. The business of moving further ahead is in our gut because of the obstacles on the way.

Some people entered the fire, but were not consumed, some were near the fire, but were consumed, some were not near the fire at all, but were totally consumed. Boldness takes away fear and establishes faith in a man. Everything bows to success, and everyone bows to the gut that succeeds.We live in an extremely fast-paced, rapidly evolving world. Much of the knowledge you acquire has a relatively short shelf-life making it increasingly difficult to remain at the cutting edge. Therefore now, more than ever before, it's necessary to continually advance your learning and expand your mind and broaden your skill set.