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by Ssregina Regina (2019-04-04)

The 30 Day Test Run I challenge you to NutriSleepRx Review take this simple 30 day test. If you complete it, you'll be on a different track. It could be the beginnings of a whole new outlook on life and the foundation for a confidence you've never experienced before.Here are the simple steps I want you to take: Recognize your success patterns: Yes, like buying milk. But, I want you to start recognizing your bigger accomplishments. Ones that seem easy to you, but others might applaud as amazing. You have them ... recognize them Give yourself a simple challenge: Now, pick something completely new but not too difficult. Make it a short term goal, focus on it intently until you achieve it. Ratchet up your success: Now, build your confidence by picking a slightly more challenging goal. Focus intently on it. See it, smell it, feel it, be absorbed by it. Give yourself a time limit if you want. Just make sure you reach it. Then repeat the process as many times as you can in a month. You are building awareness of your powers. You are building confidence. You should be having so much fun that you'll keep doing this month after month. You'll be getting more and more accomplished while your feelings of invincibility mount. Like many cities, Las Vegas has an annual Housekeeping Olympics with teams from different hotels competing in challenges such as laundry folding, bed making and the ever popular obstacle course. The coveted prize? The dirty toilet brush. This year's competition was nearly canceled due to economic considerations. Happily, sanity prevailed and the event went on as usual. Teams dressed in matching uniforms cheered wildly for their mates as they zipped through their events. When I saw the story on our local news, I couldn't help but think this had to be a highlight for the participants and a real bonding experience for coworkers. There's not much that seems playful about the work that they do everyday.My grandchildren arrive later this week so I've been thinking about play more than usual. One of the great gifts that children bring to a family is granting their adult kin permission to play, to be silly even. I still have a huge cardboard box that was transformed into a hospital, house and veterinary clinic the last time Zoe visited. I had no idea that a box could hold so many possibilities for the imagination.