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Overunity Generator Guide

by ss Daniel Kamesh kamesh (2019-04-04)

Generally Triac or Overunity Generator Guide Review phase-cut controllers are suitable for AC LEDs and PWM controllers are suitable for DC LEDs. Mono chrome LEDs requires at least one channel output of the controller, dual colors LEDs (warm white and cold white) requires at least two channels output for the two colors, and RGB ones requires 3 channels, RGBW requires 4 channels at least.To control the LED light controller, a control unit that sends out control signal is required and all operations are executed by the unit. Different types of control signal are available for the LED light controller, for instance, RF/WiFi (wireless), DMX, DALI (digital addressable lighting interface), 0/1-10V and so on. 0/1-10V and DMX are the traditional ones with decades of history, they are reliable and stable. RF/WiFi and DALI are the emerging ones, they are more intelligent and meet the trends of smart home and home automation. Once you choose a control signal, the dimmer shall be designed with the corresponding control interface and in compliance the protocol.