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Arctic Blast

by Ssregina Regina (2019-04-05)

Electro myostimulation or Electronic Arctic Blast Review muscle stimulation (EMS) is a technique of application of externally produced impulses via electrodes, causing the contractions in muscles. This technique finds many uses including weight loss, rehabilitation, and body building, and training technique of athletes. Here, we examine - Can electronic muscle stimulation help prevent injuries?The artificially generated impulses used in EMS work in the same way as the natural nerve impulses arriving from the central nervous system work(spinal cord and brain). The central nervous system is responsible for coordination of the healing cycles of our body because of this EMS can be utilized in prevention and treatment of injuries.Most of the injuries in sports are musculoskeletal (involving the muscles and the skeleton). Lack of flexibility and strength of the muscles and therefore a restricterange of motion is the major causing agent of such injuries. The FDA sanctions the use of EMS for increasing the range of motion.Many communist countries have been using EMS in injury prevention and training routines of the athletes since 1950s. This use of EMS came to the west in 1970s when Dr. Kots delivered a paper on the immense potential of the system in university of Montreal. The famous Olympic coach, Charlie Francis also employed it in the routines of his athletes. It has been proved that EMS is capable of increasing the strength by nearly 40% in the short time of three weeks This zero limits training system is magic.EMS works on the muscles directly, enabling them to surpass the energy conservation system of the body. After this limit is foiled, an infinite quantity of fiber can be potentially activated. This allows the athlete to achieve a unique training effect and stay fit.