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4 Day Thyroid Diet

by ss Daniel Kamesh kamesh (2019-04-07)

In my last article we 4 Day Thyroid Diet Review took a brief look at statins and how they are used to lower cholesterol and some of the side-effects that may result from the use of these drugs. In this article we will look at a couple of studies involving statins, as well as another class of cholesterol-lowering drugs called bile-acid binding resins.Your liver uses cholesterol in order to create bile acids, these substances are needed for good digestion. The medications in this class include Cholestyramine and are sold as Prevalite and Questran, colesevenlam sold as Welchol and Cholestipol which you can purchase at the pharmacy under the brand name of Colestid.These drugs lower cholesterol in an indirect way through the binding to the bile acids themselves. This prompts your liver to use the excess cholesterol to make even more bile acids, which consequently reduces the level of cholesterol in your blood.These drugs appear to carry less adverse side effects than the statins, though several have been reported. Some people report constipation, heartburn, gas as well as other gastrointestinal problems. Many of these are problems that some people simply cannot tolerate.