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Speak and Inspire

by Alisa lisa Sophia (2019-04-07)

At some point Speak and Inspire Review in my life I'm not sure exactly when I started to realize what was causing this trapped feeling and began to simplify my life - paying down debt and foregoing all the stuff that seemed to be necessary because everyone else said so. Eventually the debt disappeared and cash began to accrue in my accounts instead of balances on my charge cards. Eventually I had a substantial sum of money and a magical thing began to happen. I felt an incredible amount of freedom in my choices. When a job got crappy and things weren't working out I didn't hesitate to find another or to try some of my business ideas on the side to develop even additional income. Never again did I feel trapped and unable to pursue my desires. I have found that the lack of financial worry truly leads to success. Sometimes it is in the form on higher earning ability, sometimes it is through a greater sense of peace and security and it always leads to a happier existence. I would recommend to anyone who wants to be more successful to start with modifying your mindset about money and debt. Although I never went through it myself I later heard Dave Ramsey on the radio and realized that the methods I had used to become more full of peace were very similar to the ones he teaches in his financial peace program. If you want a great place to start learning how to turn things around I would highly recommend you do a quick search on Google for Dave Ramsey and get started today. Did you grow up hearing... it's better to be safe than sorry... if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen... don't rock the boat....? Has putting stake in those adages left you feeling frustrated, perplexed, or hungry for more out of life? Has it sabotaged your success? Kick off 2010 with a FLIP in your thinking. Don't settle for risk aversion and mediocrity. Take charge of your resources, use them to your advantage, and get back in the full swing of giving generously. Your resources are the available means, advantages, or supplies that you can give to other people. Giving your resources builds your influence. Even if you can't write big checks, give incentives or provide manpower, don't jump to the conclusion that you have nothing to offer. There are many practical resources that are within your reach. You stay updated in your industry. You have knowledge and skills in your leisure time pursuits. And if you are involved in community organizations, church, or your children's school, you are in touch with community concerns. These three areas---occupation, leisure, and community concerns---are your fuel for bright ideas. What you know can be useful to others. If you see a need for information, by all means pass it on. Share a journal article, web site, idea, strategy, bargain, technique or trend. Look for opportunities. Share your bright ideas in the spirit of good will.