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Why Are So Many People Down On Wind Energy? The NIMBY Factor Considered

by Bella Edward (2019-04-08)

Commercial sites installing  Smart Solar Box  new systems are most often those who use more natural energy and benefit form a decrease in ongoing operating costs. If you are concerned about the capital expenses, Green Energy Funding partners may help in presenting the bottom line for your business plan. This is a compelling story! You may also want to look into Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) to learn more how you can profit from the energy you consume. Over time, energy increases value! That is the bottom a portion of your electricity needs, or profit.

The intention is to use natural energy provided by the sunlight while decreasing the negative impact of carbon emissions. We all have experienced the climate change and have hopeful intentions to eliminating smog, acid rain, mercury, and particulate pollution to name a few. This may not be possible, but maybe plausible. Overall, smog is harmful to both the respiratory (lungs) and cardiovascular (heart) systems. Acid rain mixes with sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides. There are gasses that react with the atmosphere to form various acidic compounds. They are released from power plants and other sources, sometimes over hundreds of miles. Another example, Mercury, may cause toxic effects include damage to the brain, kidney, and lungs. These are all effects which cause notable diseases.

Just for a moment, think about the energy we gain from the Sun....and its power! Energy is crucial and solar is sustainable. Can the ability of the SUN bring health along with longevity? We may continue to exhaust our resources as research has shown. Most would rather be on the receiving end of the benefits. One option to combat this theory is to develop alternate energy solutions to enable ourselves with resources... and preserve the environment for the future. Engineering has been developing stellar product for years and they are proven. It is time we apply them! As the world is today, it may be different tomorrow! Although this is just an opinion, I ponder it often. We all consume power and energy, but how much? Will you make an impact? Then do not forgo this opportunity!

Did you know, solar power is capable of providing many times the total current energy demand? It is a simple concept, yet extremely reliable. Let me explain. To keep it simple, power is stored in a large battery which then flows through an inverter to a converter. This process change is called DC (Direct Current) to AC (Accrued Current) conversion. The power mirrors the current AC conversion method which you receive today from an electrical supplier, into your electrical system. There is no difference in equipment performance. We rely on it everyday, and that remains the same.