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30x30 Total Transformation

by princy william (2019-04-10)

My Gym Trainer specializes in designing 30x30 Total Transformation Review great workouts to target the whole body for lean tissue building and fat burning. Though, we do always get asked, "What are the best exercises for getting lean legs or for the back of the arms or for the midsection?" For many women, these are some of the hardest areas to tone up because genetically and hormonally, our body wants to store fat there. In addition to lowering overall body fat via full-body weight training, intense cardiovascular exercise and proper fat-loss nutrition, there are specific exercises that target these areas better than others.Many women see a couple extra pounds immediately in their thighs, hips and glutes. They can feel the difference when they try to zip up their jeans. So how do we get beautifully sculpted legs and glutes, while burning the fat on top? From an evolutionary perspective, the fat that sticks to thighs and glutes is fat that the body wants to be there. For childbearing purposes and because estrogen receptor densities are highly active in this area, women's bodies hold onto fat in these places stubbornly. Thus, you can imagine just how hard it is going to be to break through this evolutionary barrier to reduce fat and sculpt the underlying muscles there.Train Heavy and Induce Failure. If you are new to weight training, be sure to practice your form specifically on squats and lunges for a few weeks with light weights. Once you perfect your form, begin adding weight. If you want to convince the body to give up these fat stores and coax the muscles out of hibernation, challenge legs and glutes from several angles with challenging weight and with various exercises. To optimize the hormonal imbalance in the hips and thighs, induce testosterone and growth hormone release by training to the point of failure throughout each workout (both of these hormones have incredible fat burning potential in women-yes, natural release of testosterone in women is a good thing!). Here are some great exercises to incorporate: