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Awaken the Species

by gold stone (2019-04-12)

The problem with feeling good Awaken the Species Review in the comfort zone is that, if you really check it, it actually doesn't feel that good. It feels like being asleep, or numb, or like you're running away from something. In other words, it feels like there's something to fear.Inside our comfort zone looking out toward a new expression of ourselves in the world, we are at the edge of a great opportunity, but our anxiety seems to say, 'This is the wrong way to go. If it were right I wouldn't feel so anxious.'Fear tells our minds that others who succeed had it easier or were special in some way. Or if we don't get something perfect the first time or feel nervous or scared to do it we think that maybe its not for us. But the passion that moved you to learn about losing weight, becoming prosperous, or personal development in the first place came from somewhere. It came from the part of you that wants you to live to your full potential.Our quick fix culture does us all a huge disservice here, encouraging us as it does to lives of mediocrity. We're so programmed to get rid of any kind of discomfort - QUICK - that we run away from normal, positive indicators of our growth and development.Did you know there are two kinds of anxiety? There's ordinary anxiety, like the everyday anxiety of sitting in traffic or having too much to do in too little time. But there's also its lesser known counterpart, growthful anxiety. Growthful anxiety is a clear physical indicator that we have the opportunity to grow in a new and more expansive way, to be more whole, and to embody more of our potential.Think about anytime you have started a new job, even though you might have been excited, weren't you also nervous? Didn't you experience a learning curve where, little by little, you began to master the aspects of your position that were once new to you? Didn't it feel uncomfortable and awkward in the beginning? Didn't you start to feel good about yourself as you worked through the uncomfortable phase and overcame the challenge of learning something new?