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Mela Luna Sleep Aid

by Alisa lisa Sophia (2019-04-12)

Sleep apnea is a common sleep disorder that Mela Luna Sleep Aid Review results in breathing pauses or shallow breaths while sleeping. Obstruction of the upper airway during sleep causes the cessation of breath termed as "apnea". This obstruction occurs when airway muscles including the tongue become too relaxed during sleep resulting in the reduction of oxygenation in the blood. A loud, choking sound is produced when breathing resumes as air abruptly pushes the muscles out of the way. This process is repeated several times during sleep. Obstructive sleep apnea, or OSA, is a chronic illness characterized by interruptions in breathing resulting in poor sleeping patterns which happens several times each week. This condition often leads to other health problems including fatigue, daytime sleepiness, and morning headaches. It is difficult to diagnose the disease and specialists have a hard time identifying the condition. It cannot be verified in any regular laboratory examinations either. A lot of people suffer from this disorder but remain unaware of their condition since the symptoms only occur during sleep. A bed partner or a family member may be able to confirm the signs of the condition. It is very important to know that sleep is highly important for good health. Sleep is not the four to five hours rest you take every night; in fact, it is much longer and leaves a relaxed and fresh feeling with the individual. Most everyone needs a minimum of eight hours a night, and some even nine or ten. Research has proven that sleep is important to rebuild our bodies after the strenuous day's work. The day's work tears you up physically and mentally and you need down time to rebuild those lost cells and energy to work as efficiently the next day. A good nights sleep is your cure for inefficiency at work. It has also been proved that failure to recover from stress has always depreciated the efficiency required at work. In the commotion at workplaces and scarcity of time, people find it very hard to rest properly. Deadlines are neck to neck and you are running about just to complete your work. By the time we get home, we're totally exhausted and need immediate sleep. This sleep is however, not at all restful. People end up in slumber which is composed of thoughts of the following day and other stressing details. It's easy to understand why so many are sleep deprived. We work so hard day in and out just so that we can provide our families with all the luxuries of life. Now, do you think wasting all our health is wise enough? I'll tell you, no its not. When you fall sick because of over stressing you spend the hard earned money on yourself just to recover. Does that make sense now? Do you think it's a wise thing to do? And, who knows if you'll ever recover your strength again. If the latter is what is how you are pursuing your sleep then be prepared for the numerous surprises the doctor will give you. If you really can't afford to fall sick anymore, or have a family and a social life to be there for then you'll have to work harder towards your recovery and replenishment. There is such a variety of firmness for mattresses and pillows - find ones that are comfortable for you.