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Dress For Success - Power Dressing Simplified

by Bella Edward (2019-04-15)

What commonly offered    Becoming Limitless redundancy advice fails to tell you: times of change are really times of progress. Old institutions crumble under the weight of their inefficiencies, and new businesses and paradigms spring in their wake, with new methods for going forward. Many new entrepreneurs get their start in the middle of depressed economies- start-up costs are low, job security is gone and their brilliant ideas that have been long masked by a reliable income are craving now to be scratched.

I love volleyball and I love coaching. It's one of the first things that I say to recruits and at the beginning of each season. Whenever folks ask me what I'd do if I were a multi-millionaire...and I always say: coach volleyball. I love the sport and find it amazing that someone's actually willing to pay me to do the one thing that I love and am good at! Because of my love of the sport, I believe that I've always attracted athletes of a similar mindset to whatever program I'm coaching...ladies who love to work the sport, learn about the sport, and get better at the sport.

"Enthusiasm brushes off on those with whom you come into contact."After you've been coaching at a program for a while, your athletes seem like they start to act like you a little, don't they? And I think that's because your love of the sport is brushing off on them. Your seniors will have had four years to bask in how fired up you are about coaching your sport, your juniors will feel the seniors' love, while your underclassmen will assume that they're supposed to love the sport because they're following along with what your upperclassmen are doing. As a coach, you have the opportunity to create an environment where your players love the sport and love working hard at the sport.

"Leaders must always generate enthusiasm if they wish to bring out the best in themselves and those under their supervision.I have read everything about procrastination, its causes and implications, and from different sources. I have tried everything from experts' advice about taking action to creative procrastination, to having clear goals, to applying the pain/pleasure principle. All these methods work when you apply them, but the problem is that you are unable to apply them all the time, or at least whenever you want.