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Becoming Limitless

by gold stone (2019-04-15)

Keeping promises to others Becoming Limitless Review and to yourself will ensure your success in almost any area of life and work. Others will respect and trust you and you will trust and respect yourself. Your confidence in yourself will soar and you will start achieving what you thought was impossible. But keeping your promises may be much harder than you anticipated.This article has been inspired by an article by Bob Cox on 'How To Keep Your Promises.' By writing the previous sentence, I have kept a promise to myself that I would always try to give others credit for what they have achieved.This year, I was promised a bonus for buying an internet product. The bonus was the main reason I bought the product but it did not arrive and the person who promised it has not replied to my emails asking about it.As you can imagine, I am unlikely to buy any other product which he supports. I certainly will not use his link to it. I have lost trust in him and his promises. I won't mention his name just in case none of my emails have reached him or he has deleted them accidentally.Keeping your promises may well involve inconvenience, sacrifice and much more effort than you anticipated but it is the only way to gain and keep the trust of others.Last Saturday, I did not feel like venturing out into the cold for a seminar. But I had promised I would attend and set out reluctantly to get to the venue. On the way, I ran into a traffic jam and was tempted to turn back home to watch two rugby union matches that were drawing me towards the TV like giant magnets.However, I knew that I would be letting down two friends if I did not show up at the seminar. I tried another route and hit another traffic jam! Again, more temptation to quit! In the end, I kept my promise to attend although I arrived late. I was rewarded with a useful seminar, the continued trust of two friends and self-respect.Keeping my promise cost me more time, effort and sacrifice than I had anticipated but in the end the rewards made the effort worthwhile.