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Meditation In A Bottle

by ss Daniel Kamesh kamesh (2019-04-16)

Now, I did it! I Meditation In A Bottle Review exposed your mind to a rag-tag fringe of medical practice. You must agree that most physicians consider boutique medical practice a last resort, a modification of a career path way too extreme to consider, and is frequently thought of as a losing game. Increasing reports of successful concierge practices pop-up occasionally in the media, usually in the primary care physician's turf.Concierge Medicine is also known as direct care, membership medicine, boutique medicine, retainer-based medicine, concierge health care, cash only practice, direct primary care, and direct practice medicine. The fact that concierge practice has so many name labels brings this infrequently subscribed to method of medical practice into the medical arena dominated by the professional medical hierarchy who by their empowerment are able to neglect, squelch, brow-beat, and disregard this method of practice. Is it illegal or unethical in the real business world to ask for cash for services? Is medical practice in fact a recognized small business entity, survives only because of business principles, and allows a vendor in any business to charge what their services are worth in their own view? As a business, medical practice is permitted by our government to even take on a legal business structure approved by the government.A physician has the business advantage of using incorporation, LLC, partnership or other business components. Our government supports concierge practice, at least the business side of medical practice.As an indication of the distaste (maybe there's a better word) organized medicine leadership appears to have for concierge medical practice is quite obvious. The AMA, American Medical Association, which for years has kept contemporaneous records of professional medical services and physician activity, has yet to see fit to recognize concierge medicine as worthy of record keeping, and, by doing so avoids legitimizing that practice method in the eyes of everyone.