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Achieve Successful Results Through Visualization!

by Bella Edward (2019-04-16)

Keep a daily log. Just the action of    Becoming Limitless writing your habit down as completed will help keep you on track. Your daily log doesn't have to be complicated.One option is to post a calendar page where you'll see it a lot, every day. Simply log your progress there. 

Do you like to journal? If so, then start one dedicated to this goal and track your thoughts, emotions, struggles and triumphs there. I use a 40-day journal whenever I'm experiencing internal struggles about sticking with a new habit so that I can remind myself, in writing, what's most important to me. It's also fun to look back at journal entries and notice at what point throughout the 40 days the habit became less of a struggle and more of true habit, done automatically, without giving it a second thought.

The higher reward is the character, strength and confidence you build in the process of the 40 days, that then can be applied to anything and everything else you do from that point on. The external results are wonderful and important in and of themselves, but they are really just the by-products of your consistent effort over time.

From my own experience, when I focus on the higher rewards, I am more motivated to stick with the new habit because ultimately what I really want is that strength of character and confidence that will allow me to stick to working towards goals and create virtually anything I want. We all have the capacity to work patiently, diligently, consistently and persistently towards goals, just as we all have muscles. But, just as muscles can only serve us well when we train and exercise them, so do we need to train and exercise our ability to work patiently, diligently, consistently and persistently towards goals in order to become more successful at it.