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The Lean Body Hacks

by Alisa lisa Sophia (2019-04-16)

To ascertain whether following an Alkaline Diet can help The Lean Body Hacks Review us lose weight, we need to understand how the Alkaline diet works as well as the role that various foods play in this diet. First of all, we need to know that any and all food that is digested by our bodies all metabolize down to an ash residue. This ash residue can be either neutral, acid, or alkaline. bathed in an alkaline fluid. Acidosis, or over acidification of body fluids and tissues cause an imbalance in these cells, which can lead to sickness and disease, as well as storing extra fat in the body tissue. Over acidity in the body casues the blood to try and neutralize the acidity by pulling in alkaline salts from the bone and tissue which can lead to a whole myriad of diseases. The founder of this diet, Dr Young, has also found that all sugars - white and brown, maple syrup, corn syrup, high- sugar fruits as well as fruit juices, and even vegetables high in sugar like carrots and beets contributes to excess fermentation in the blood, which in turn creates excess acidity in body fluids. A high acid content in the body fluids will in turn trigger the body to create fat to bind or hold the acidity and store it under the skin. This fat can be stored in places like our stomachs, buttocks, thighs, arms and even under our chins in order to prevent the acidity from harming our vital organs. Acids as the name implies, will burn or erode tissue, so in essence, creating fat to store it in as to keep it from harming our bodies is in fact a life saving occurrence. While we should be thankful for it we don't need to become enslaved by it once we understand why it happens. Once you understand this process of how your body reacts to what you eat, you can then start adopting a new way of living and eating. Changing our diet to lessen the self preservation reactions like creating fat, will lead to us having healthier, leaner more efficient bodies. By indulging in delicious food and drinks that will not trigger the fat creation reaction,we should then be able to freely eat and drink food that will nourish our bodies, satisfy our appetites asn well as help maintain a healhty alkaline body. This way of eating is also the very best way to prevent our bodies from premature aging. To sum it up. While the Alkaline Diet is not a diet in the traditional sense that is aimed at huge weight loss, introducing an alkalizing diet into our lives is one of the best ways to regain and to maintain an ideal weight for life. The Alkaline Diet recommends a balance of 80/20 which means that one's diet should consist of at least 80% alkaline foods and 20% acidic foods. It is important to keep to a balance in the foods that we eat to ensure healthy bodies.