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by Bella Edward (2019-04-16)

It is important to  a Awaken the Species  understand the reasons why mankind can not live without ruler. The main job of a ruler is to make a large number of people behave in an organized manner so as to maximize the benefits for the members of the society, group or the organization. It means that all activities that harm the group must be constrained and all activities that benefit the society must be promoted. The rules and laws of a country are meant to achieve the goal. The job of the ruler is to ensure that people follow the law even when it may not be in their best personal interest.

The female species always believed in the power of attraction rather than the power of force which invariably leads to hatred and repulsion. So they make themselves desirable by looking good so that males desire them and feel tempted to meet them. They typically spend more time to understand other human beings so that they can become an instrument of fulfilling their desires and thereby make them fulfill her desire.

Therefore, the females ruled without application of force based on love and compassion.The feminine method of administrationIn a civilized world, people are gradually realizing the futility of the masculine method of ruling which essentially means the application of force and the rule by creating fear. While people do not mind applying force on others, they never want force to be applied against themselves. Yet being driven by masculine desire to rule, the male rulers never cared what the ruled felt. However, in modern days, the most successful entrepreneurs and rulers are avoiding the use of force and applying the feminine method of leading the originations which means understanding the need of people and fulfilling them in a nonviolent manner.

The rise of democracy all over the world is the first proof of the rise of the feminine method of ruling. A democratically elected President or Prime Minister is not supposed to rule but he is supposed to serve. The people do not to be ruled by despotic rulers and they had been rejecting all such democratically elected governments who try to "rule" rather than "serve". The adoption of democracy by more and more country is an ample proof that "ruling by serving" is going to rule the future world.