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Becoming Limitless

by gold stone (2019-04-17)

Nobody disputes that Becoming Limitless Review President-elect Obama ran the most powerful and skillfully crafted campaign in memory and had a brilliant team of coaches and advisors to keep him on track and on task. Yet 3 words continually used to describe him by media friends and foes reveal the basis of success of what many reflect was a most unlikely candidate, let alone winner - focused, disciplined and confident. Examining these 3 keys and applying them - or getting help to develop them - can totally change your business and personal life.From the inception of his campaign, Obama consistently demonstrated an amazing focus - a clarity of vision and purpose that guided his mission, his message, the kind of candidate he was and the way in which he responded, adapted or chose not to respond to circumstances. Everything he did was designed to keep that vision in sharp focus which maintained motivation to persist. At the basis of all great success is a focus fixed on a clear vision, and it's clear that he held that vision for some time. It didn't begin with this campaign but rather, the campaign sprung from that vision.If I heard it once, I heard it dozens of times - he was described as "extremely disciplined." Anchored by the focus of a powerfully clear vision, discipline becomes much easier, even natural. Such discipline drives execution of strategy, which is critical for success. Poor plans magnificently executed will trump the best plans not executed - every time. What shone through that discipline? Years of disciplined study of influential and charismatic leaders as well as years of practice emulating them. Discipline seems a decision this candidate made long ago.Confidence is contagious and invites others to join in - especially if they are struggling with uncertainty or fear. I was struck by several commentators' remarks at the President-elect's victory speech, which were something like: Considering the massive and mounting crisis that he's walking into, he seems remarkably confident of his ability to step in and take charge. Everybody likes to deal with a winner and confidence is one of its hallmarks.Focus, discipline and confidence - they were key winning factors to propel Obama to the White House. Make them the Winner's Edge for you and your business!