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The Wealth Matrix

by Ssregina Regina (2019-04-19)

Opportunities Are Knocking While The Wealth Matrix Review all the scared traders are selling off they high quality shares, we can sit back and take our pick at great value stocks. For experienced traders, a bear market is like a Christmas sale. You can pick up all the best stocks for half price. Instead of thinking that you need to sell, you need to buy! Short Selling Short selling is a traders secret weapon in a bear market. With short selling you are actually doing the reverse of what you do in a bull market. In theory you sell high and buy low. With online share trading this is simplified a lot and you can simply execute the trade like any other. Don't underestimate this trading strategy - it's very profitable and can be your lifeline in a market that's running south.If you are one of those stock traders who are always looking for a an "up and comer" companies why don't you look at penny stocks to buy? I'll be the first one to tell you that penny stocks aren't held in the same stature as the large cap, blue chip stocks that most traders are used to investing in. But when it comes to potential and growth, there is no contest. Penny stocks win in a landslide.The other great advantage is that they are perfect for those that are brand new to the market. I'm willing to bet that most new traders don't have $50,000 in there brokerage account. I would say that's probably at least the minimum you would need to have a diversified portfolio of blue chip, high cap stocks. But what I love about buying penny stocks is that you don't need a fortune to invest in a wide range of stocks from industry to industry.Obviously the hardest part is deciding on which stocks to buy? Try not to make it more complicated than it has to be. Buying and selling cheap stocks is conceptually pretty much the same thing, as trading the NASDAQ or the Dow. Technical and fundamental analysis is just as important with cheap stocks as it is for the big boys.