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Erase My Back Pain

by gold stone (2019-04-21)

Back pain is the main Erase My Back Pain Review cause of stress to our skeletal body, which is largely due to using poor mechanics in the human body. Our bodies are designed to actively move and be continually used with correct movements, which we spontaneously learn through our childhood development. What we have not learned is how to keep our bodies safe in movement for preventing injuries.Ergonomics is the term used to describe the relationship between the human, the equipment being used by the human within the environment that the equipment is situated. This is relationship is key for understanding how incorrect or repetitive movements lead to back pain.Originally Ergonomics was used entirely in the work place environment, for preventing injuries on work-sites. Since advent of computer technology; the term Ergonomics is related to all environments where computer workstations are commonly situated, which is the office that could also be in the home. Ergonomics therefore maintains the correct relationship between each part of the triangle for comfort and safety.It is an Occupational Therapist who will assess the causes of back pain, which interferes in the relationship of the ergonomic triangle and provides solutions for easing the pain to continue the ergonomic relationship. These solutions may only provide temporary relief for easing back pain, until the tributary causes of the back pain are revealed.Ergonomics along with Health Promotion are the terms used to promote positive health characteristics in daily living. Both skills develop with further education and experience in the clinical expertise of Occupational Therapy, seeking out the root causes of pathological symptoms and promoting protective solutions for the prevention of ongoing injuries.Both approaches are curative, because they eliminate the abnormal movements that irritate back pain. Ergonomics will help create the normal movements, while Health Promotion protects the safe performance enabling an active prescription for daily living.