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Hearing X3 Review4

by dilli jack (2019-04-23)

Swimming: In order to avoid any infections from the water in the pool, ensure to dry your child's ear properly after swimming and administer a few drops of rubbing alcohol to get rid of any moisture residue. If these precautions are not observed, it can lead to infections like Swimmer's Ear which can turn very painful for the child.Age Related hearing loss, also known as presbycusis, is a slow degenerative process that happens over a long period of time and completely sets in as people get older. Although there is no known cure for such hearing loss, there are methods that aid in improving the condition by some margin. In the recent years, there has been on-going scientific research in this field to find a cure. One technology that looks promising and could possibly partially restore hearing abilities is a hair cell regeneration therapy which uses the fundamental of the stem cell therapy. This therapy might be able to repair the cochlear hair cells.