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30×30 Total Transformation

by Alisa lisa Sophia (2019-04-24)

If they couldn't sell a newspaper, they'd shine shoes. 30×30 Total Transformation Review If that didn't work, they'd dance to music on the jukebox hoping the drunks and semi-drunks on skid row would throw nickels and dimes at them. In fact, it wasn't Michael Jackson who invented the moonwalk; it was Louie Jones who first did it in a little bar called the Erie Café in Toledo, Ohio. At the time the young man didn't realize what life should be like. He knew he was wounded but he just didn't know how badly. They say ignorance is bliss, well; this young man's ignorance was only of his surroundings. He was quite an entrepreneur and became more successful on the streets as he grew, but he was wounded and heading for trouble. He started his first business at the age of 15 selling used car parts. He would take orders by day and fill them by night. You need hubcaps for a '57 Chevy, not a problem; a carburetor for a '55 Ford, you'll have it in two days. The young man didn't realize how deep his wounds were even though at times he would crouch down and hide behind trash cans and cars as he walked home from school until the rest of the kids were gone so they didn't see him go into that condemned house where they lived on the city dump. His wounds could have gone deeper but then a life-changing event occurred, he graduated from high school and, at the age of 17, he had no clue what to do with his life. But he did know what he didn't know. He knew that if he continued on the path he was on he would end up in deep trouble, maybe even prison. In fact a juvenile judge explained that to him with crystal clarity. He knew he needed something to change the direction he was headed in. Something to change the path he was on. He was offered the opportunity to join the military. It was during the Vietnam Era and the military trained him in Jungle Survival; not a whole lot of different than the techniques he learned in street survival. Not a whole lot different then the techniques you must learn to be successful in business today. Those four years were filled with defining moments in his life. He had no idea what to do when his four years in the military were up. Many business people use their P&L statement to gauge their business activity including increasing sales to reducing costs. However, the P&L statement is far more for a select group of people. P stand for profits and profits are a good thing. Profits are the direct result of closing sales. L stands for losses and losses are not a good thing. Losses are the direct result of not closing sales as well as poor management decisions regarding fixed operating expenditures. Years ago I read a significant quotation that has been with me ever since. The true voyage of discovery is not seeking new landscapes, but seeing with new eyes. Marcel Proust What I learned from this simple statement is that to change my life I must change my filter or how I view life. In taking such action, I am now more inclined to look at the what ifs or the possibilities. I will no longer be guided by the limitations of past experiences that influence current and future choices.