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by Alisa lisa Sophia (2019-04-26)

Therapeutic massage can have not only external Fibrolief Review physical benefits but internal benefits as well. Massage and aromatherapy can relax your muscles and help with blood and lymph circulation. A massage can help reduce the nerve irritation and can help with increased production of pain-killing endorphins. There are many sweet smelling balms and massage oils on the market used to relieve stress. The aroma and the feel of the oils offer a calming and relaxing environment. At least half the cases of asthma seem to be caused or aggravated by an allergy. The child may be sensitive to pollens or dust or to certain foods or drugs. Some asthma seem to result from infections of the organs of breathing (e.g colds), the child having become sensitive to the products of the germs causing the infection. You know there is an asthma attack when you see your child sitting bolt upright in bed with his arms extended at his sides, pressing downward against the bed and his skin appears blue because he is not able to breathe the normal amount of air. You can hear wheezing and the large veins of his neck are conspicuous, his heart "pounds" at a rapid rate. What happens is that there is interference with the passage of air through the membrane-lined tubes which serve the lungs. These tubes become swollen and congested and there is more difficulty in expelling air from the lungs than drawing it in. As parents, you may take some comfort in the knowledge that though such circumstances may be terrifying, children seldom die as a direct result. However when attacks are repeated time after time, the child's general health declines, possibly with permanent damage to lung tissues. Try giving the child a hot drink of milk or plain hot water. This may relax the tissues in the air passages. Steam inhalation accompanied by a hot foot bath may bring relief. If no mechanical vaporizer is available, you may conduct steam from a pan of boiling water through a paper cone. Care must be taken not to burn the face and to ensure a supply of fresh air. Cod liver oil is a popular supplement which has been used by families across the generations as a way to improve their health. Boosting the immune system, improving blood circulation, and reducing depression being just some of the benefits those who take cod liver oil supplements enjoy. So, what does it contain that makes it so healthy? Omega 3 DHA - This fatty acid is needed by the body to keep the nervous system in good working order. It is also crucial for the development of healthy skin and hair and promotes strong bones and teeth. Additionally, research has also linked it with both the prevention of depression, and the alleviation of symptoms associated with it.