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No BS Manifesting Course

by Ssregina Regina (2019-04-26)

Remind yourself that historically, No BS Manifesting Course Review many of life's low points are not even remembered or recalled afterwards. Just keeping that in mind gives you a greater perspective. Think of some of the things like teenage broken heart or a childhood disappointment. At the time, these events may have been quite devastating to you - but have long ago lost their impact on you. Reminding yourself that many of these low points don't even remain a memory later can help you shift your feelings.Take a look at the positive good you want to bring to the world. If you focus on that, it can shift your energy. It's pretty hard to stay in a funk when your mind fixates on positive good. It also often happens that the resources for the good will show up - and that will shift your energy. Putting your attention on the good of others will make you feel better about yourself.When we are in need of a breakthrough, there are many things we can do to help the process along. You don't have to passively spiral downward. More of this is within your control than you imagine.This woman, I am referring to, comes from a small but beautiful country... Denmark. You might have heard of it the capital is Copenhagen.In 2001 she had just finished her education as a computer datamatitian and found a great job as a system programmer. At the time she was 23 y.o. and had been married to her husband for 4 years... (yes, they met in high school). In May 2001 they bought their first house together (a beautiful house in the country side)... Life was great week after they had moved in to the house they were going to a 60 years birthday party and was passengers in a relative's car. But suddenly the car was tossed around on the freeway and smashed into the back end of another car. Apparently, only the driver got hurt.