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Success Training Strategies- The Success Secrets of the Greatness Grower

by Bella Edward (2019-04-27)

feel guilty and know we made  Zen12   a mistake. She was right that I should have indicated I was going to turn far earlier than I did so she would have had the chance to stay with me, and I admitted I was wrong, but limited due to traffic. By being objective about the situation and not engaging in a fight, the subject vanished before it became a problem. Life is like that, there are many situations that we get into either by our own actions or by circumstance, and it is our own doing that builds a battle. If you could accept all things in this world as perfectly right, then you would not get

upset or feel attacked. This is not a perfect world, it has its own way of functioning which is not in alignment with our hopes and dreams of the perfect world and perfect people. Accept that you do not know what is always ultimately right.
edwardbella711@gmail.comA great part of our pains in life come from living in our own illusion that things should be different. It would be nice, but being practical calls

for being realistic which means dealing with things as they are rather than as you want them to be. With acceptance, you will not get upset, you may not like what happens to you, but you will not boil in your own juices and waste your life. You win some, you lose some. There is no such thing as your truth and my truth. In all things there is only one truth. Rather, there is your illusion and my illusion, but still only one ultimate truth.

Here is the key to freedom from your limitations in progressing by being tied to the past with regret and bitterness. Acceptance. If you think you know what is right and wrong and what everything is being done for, then you are so arrogant that of course you will be stuck in the past. Only humility will free you from a nasty life.