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Manifestation Magic

by gold stone (2019-04-27)

One of the ways you can predict Manifestation Magic Review your own future is by looking at who you associate with. If you are "hangin" with people who are going nowhere then you will go nowhere too. I used to smoke, drink excessively and party right along with all my friends. My life was not what I wanted it to be, not what I had dreamed of when I was growing up. With that lifestyle comes a limited ability to achieve results as I was not feeding myself physically or mentally with the right kind of "food" in order to prosper in any area of my life. I realized I was fitting perfectly into Einstein's definition of insanity which is "to continue doing the same thing, and expect different results". I started to make some tough decisions. I changed who I associated with, through various means, because it was not always my decision. When i quit smoking and going to parties all the time my friends of the time quit calling, I was no longer "fun to be with". When I started thinking differently and creating the habit of personal development, other friends wanted to know why I was wasting my time on "that stuff". I found that we no longer had the same desires. My desires for my life had changed to the point where I had to move on. Today I hang out with very different people and my life reflects that, a change I am very happy that I made.The imagination is an amazing tool that the mind utilizes to paint a visual picture of what's hidden inside of the heart. To imagine what it would be like to be exactly where you want to be in life is something that even the greatest amongst us has done from time to time, and in fact, it's probably what motivated them to be where they are right now. The imagination has the ability to take us anywhere we want to go, however; when what we see when we open up our eyes in reality totally differs from what we imagined, how can one stay motivated?Reality can be a tricky place to live in depending on the foundation its build upon. Reality has the ability to exclude some things from the eyes of a dreamer that would cause them to believe that a dream is just a dream. The conditions of the world, the seemingly impossible price tag that's attached to what we want, and the "negative supporters", all play their part in the devouring of dreams. When you begin to pull out your list of downfalls and rejections, it becomes very easy to believe that maybe what you want is not meant to be, and the fact that so many other people around you appear to be living out your dreams does nothing but confirm those negative feelings that you have instead of inspiring you to believe that if it can happen for them then it can happen for you. A lot of us have had to endure the hard task of developing our own reality in order to survive. It's a reality that insists on moving forward and refusing the alternative. In this reality we find our motivation and we become firm believers in the fact that there is enough of God's love and provision to go around and there is no fear of it running out!