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Auto Accident Pain? Chiropractic May Help Relieve Your Pain

by Bella Edward (2019-04-27)

Before considering surgery,    Cerisea Medica   it is best to avoid wearing shoes with tight, narrow toe box, sharp pointy toes and heels three inches and higher. Foot pain in is generally treated with cold compresses, anti-inflammatory medications, soaking the feet in Epsom salts for added comfort, protective bunion pads, cortisone injections, orthotics and comfortable shoes. But remember, the best treatment is prevention.

I understand your situation. It hurts everyday. It interrupts and prevents you from the things you used to love to do, and keeps you from activities you'd like to try. You may even get depressed and angry from the constant agony and inability to function normally. Believe me, I'm no stranger to pain, and I've gone through it myself.

It is true that we all have different thresholds and tolerances for pain. This is part an individual physiologic phenomena where one person can simply bear a higher level of pain stimulus before coming to tears, and part learned response by cultural and social influences. Whatever it is however, no one should live in chronic agony. Yes of course I believe we can all "suck it up" a little, and I of all people recognize that western medicine has created

generation of "less robust" citizens who have the expectation to live in a constant state of comfort. I say "I of all people" because I work in an hospital emergency department of a major hospital, and my specialty is trauma. so if you were to come to my hospital and you cut your hand open, broke your leg, had a migraine headache, or some chronic pain, chances are you'd be seeing me. So now that you know what I do for a living, I'm going to share with you perhaps a different way to look at and deal with your aches and pains.