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Foligray Review2

by dilli jack (2019-04-29)

hair fall is a problem that strikes millions of people worldwide, both male and female. Until recently most people felt that they just had to accept loss of hair and baldness as a part of life. No one knew of anything that could be done to cure the situation. With every day that passes science makes advancements toward finding solutions to hair fall and baldness. Although there is still no sure shot cure, there are lots of effective remedies out there that can help people who are suffering from thinning hair.The cheapest and most simple method for treating hair loss is vitamin supplements. Hair fall is often caused by a lack or deficiency of some vitamin that is crucial to the body. Taking zinc or vitamin E supplements may prove effective in slowing or stopping hair loss.Shampoos that contain a herb called Saw Palmetto are effective for treating thinning hair, and are also affordable when compared to more expensive methods such as hair transplants. Finasteride is an FDA approved drug that has shown to help with hair loss and is an active ingredient in many hair growth shampoos.If you don't like the idea of using drugs and chemicals, you can go the natural route. Many herbal supplements are available at your local health food store that can be effective for thinning hair. Silica, licorice extract, and jojoba oil are some of the ingredients you should look for when shopping for herbal hair remedies. They are all natural and have proven effective for the treatment and prevention of baldness.