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No-BS Manifesting Course

by Alisa lisa Sophia (2019-04-29)

These are simply three of the most obvious and most popular. No-BS Manifesting Course Review They are also three of the most lethal. Take a look and see if you are afflicted with any of these and if so dive into the solutions provided. You are a seminar junky, and if not seminars, then teleseminars and online learning. You follow each and every new opportunity that shows up. You have a growing library of business development books and tools, but lack the time to implement. You frequently feel overwhelmed and caught on a treadmill that doesn't seem to be leading you any closer to success. I guarantee that the answers you are chasing are simply locked inside both you and that library of answers you are collecting. Information in and of itself won't change your business, only the use of it will. So stop attending and start acting on what you know and have. You do exactly what a client asks and no more. You don't offer additional services as you took them at their word about what they planned to spend. You sell them what they need rather than educate them into what they deserve. You leave money on the table at every turn. The client is pleased but not raving as you refuse to teach them about the possibilities and the limitless value you can provide. The key is to stay a step ahead of your client's needs and dive full throttle into their wants. Rarely does a consumer buy from a need but instead it is to fill an emotional want. The best way to drive sales and satisfaction is to determine the hidden wants and deliver on those, instead of simply answering the stated needs. You may be driven by perfectionism. You won't launch your website until it is perfect. (Let's ignore the fact that you are already 5 years behind!) You are unable to write a blog post unless you have it properly and fully edited and reviewed (it is supposed to be a casual conversation.) You won't call a client back because you don't know what to say or how to charge (this is a true story!) You are frozen by a fear of not only failure but a fear of success. You can't imagine it getting any worse, but you can't really see it getting any better. You are in a state south of panic, you've entered the inertia zone.