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by Ssregina Regina (2019-04-29)

So now that you've established Zen12 Review some all important relationships and you've found out through them what's involved, you can now move on to your last step: putting into practice what you've learned. I am at the stage now where I've researched (and continue to), I've connected (and continue to) and now I'm putting into practice and perfecting what I've learned and persevering when things don't work out (and will continue to).And no doubt, you too, will have to do the same thing. You will have some fumbles along the way but, considerably less than if you didn't streamline your focus. And so what, if things don't work out for you the first time, try again. Repeat the process. Perfect your mistakes until you've found a formula that works. And if it's still not going your way, then take a different approach. But by all means keep truckin', keep it going and never give up.When we were children, we asked for anything we needed and were given by our parents. But when we grew, we thought asking is only meant for children and so we threw away the all important virtue. The only way to get whatever you want in life is to ask and ask intelligently and precisely. Whatever it is that you're looking for you can only get it by asking. When I talk of asking I'm not talking of begging for lunch or expecting someone to do the work for you. Like I said earlier I am talking of asking precisely and intelligently. Asking involves asking ourselves or someone else the right question. To get the best you must follow these underlining principles.