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Slow Down and Pace Yourself to Go the Distance

by Bella Edward (2019-04-29)

No one is an island    Zen12   here. Extend your support to all you can. 10% of your income towards the education of an illiterate poor child may not only pave a way for better world, but also make you taste the real joy of life. The money that you earn isn't just for you. This may mean that you go every day with the joy of doing something good, which definitely will improve your mind set up.

"Fill your day with accomplishments, not mere activities." Engage yourself in works you find interesting. Make sure that you allocate every day for your hobbies. Take time in admiring the bright and beautiful things around you. Pray. Meditate. Take time for yourself.Fine tune your body and soul. Make sure you fulfill all your duties and responsibilities. Never procrastinate your personal deeds for the job or for money. At the short run it may be pleasing as it feeds you with more money, but in the long run, it may destruct and destroy your life.

So, a meaningful life is all about making adjustments among the personal and career life, yet mange to succeed in both, and take the best out of life. This guide to personal success will surely give boost to your career life instantly.Success is an evolution, not a overnight achievement; A journey not a destination; an unending project, never a single simple accomplishment that stands alone unrelated to the past and disconnected from the future. Career and Personal Success is a never ending process of going through good and bad times, pleasure and pains, ups and downs, ins and outs!

This includes both career and personal. Both are of equal importance in ones life. If there were a formula for success it would look like thisBeing + Doing + Having = Success... From inside out,Many people have this backward. Their formula for success looks like this Having + Doing +being = Success... from outside in.