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Miracle Moringa

by ss Daniel Kamesh kamesh (2019-05-02)

The ageing Miracle Moringa Review of society is causing a major demographic population shift world wide. This has placed the spotlight on anti-ageing strategies as people strive to live longer and fuller lives. The reality unfortunately is somewhat different. Although we are living longer in years the quality of our lives is deteriorating with chronic diseases on the rise. In fact, chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer and chronic respiratory diseases account for an overwhelming 90% of all deaths in the western world. This places a huge burden on our healthcare resources with over 75% of the federal healthcare budget spent on caring for people with chronic disease. This article examines some of the contributing factors to these chronic diseases and discusses some preventative measures which may assist you to improve your quality of life.Whilst there is currently a wealth of information available on dietary and lifestyle advice many people become overwhelmed by conflicting information. If we look back at the diets of traditional cultures such as the Eskimos of North America or the Mediterranean diet of the Italians we see several things in common. Despite wide variations in diet, they all ate fresh, local, seasonal and largely unprocessed foods. In addition, their lifestyles incorporated physical exercise, strong social and spiritual connections with adequate rest and relaxation. A far cry from our time poor modern western society with our reliance on processed foods, eating on the run, no time for adequate rest and sleep let alone adequate exercise as illustrated below.