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List of All Fruits That Help to Achieve Normal Range Blood Sugar Levels

by Bella Edward (2019-05-03)

The leading Medical Journal    Gluco Neuro Blood Sugar Regulator  Molecular and Cellular Proteomics reported recently on research conducted by scientists from Case Western Reserve University and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine regarding a new link between erectile dysfunction and Type 2 diabetes.The debate on the subject has been ongoing ever since it was found that males living with diabetes had a higher rate of sexual dysfunction than the general population.

In the case of the reported study, the researchers studied the relative quantities of the proteins in the expandable tissue that runs along the length of the penis and fills with blood when an erection occurs. The rats used in the study were in various stages of developing Type 2 diabetes... it was discovered that the fifty seven individual proteins identified, all either increased or decreased, depending on the severity of the diabetes and the time that it had endured. These results were compared with a control group comprising healthy, non-diabetic rats.

Professor Mark Chance who led the combined study group reported the collagen proteins that affect strength were less prevalent in the penis of the diabetic rats than in the control group, as also were the proteins responsible for transporting hormones and those responsible for cell death. He hoped that the study would lead to further research leading to improved diagnosis, and treatment.

Occasional impotency can sometimes be related to too much alcohol, stress or anxiety. But frequent erectile dysfunction is often a sign of a serious health issue.The new research has revealed that Type 2 diabetes can alter the molecular structure of the male body in a way that affects erectile performance. This is important as it is estimated that 75% of affected males experience the problem to a lesser or greater degree.